Taxify x UKKO Pro

At UKKO Pro, we have fallen in love with Taxify. That’s we why we’re giving a discount for our accounting services for drivers, who use Taxify. Recently Finland opened up to its taxi licence policy allowing companies like Taxify to operate. At UKKO Pro, we want that the drivers can concentrate on driving, and we help with the rest of the paperwork-related stuff.

The easiest way to become an awesome Taxidriver is to found a company of your own. Becoming an entrepreneur is easy with us. We fill the form for you. The easiest way for Taxify operator is to choose private entrepreneur as a business model.

With UKKO Pro you can:

  • Found your own business
  • Send and receive bills
  • Let us do the required bookkeeping for your Taxi business: we help you with the VATs and taxing, including taxes with your taxi car
  • We are here for you: we give you the best instructions and help you might need with your business’


Our bookkeeping services include:

  • Keeping records on incomes and expenses
  • Handling a car as an asset
  • Travel expenses
  • App for your receipts
  • VAT-announcements and other self-assessed taxes