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Start your own business as sole trader. UKKO Pro provides this service completely free. Official sole trader registration.

So you're going to be an entrepreneur, great! Beginning with entrepreneurship may seem frightening but not worry: let's do it together. We help you to found your business name and then managing your company's bookkeeping. With UKKO Pro you don't need to get an accountant.A few easy steps and your business is set up! Fill out the form below, and we will take care of the rest. Your business name is automatically set up under your own name. If you want to set up a different company name, choose to join trade register.The form asks all the information needed to set up a business: basic business information such as company name, entrepreneurs name, your address, personal identity number etc.To set up a business name, you must be at least 18 years old. Identification requires a finnish online bank account, or a Mobile Certificate.

What should I do before I start a company?

When you decide to become an entrepreneur, you should have all sorts of things thought beforehand. After going through this list you're ready to become an entrepreneur!1. Are you skilful at something? Do you have some kind of talent, that others are willing to pay? 2. So, what's your business idea? 3. Make a business plan based on your business idea. What do you sell to and at what price? Why should customers choose you and not your competitors? 4. Do you need employees, finance, or other help right away? If you need money to start, make sure your business plan and your financial calculations are done carefully. You can use them to apply for money from Read it more about here 4. Once your business plan is complete, you will need to decide on the company name and your company form. Let us handle the paperwork, make sure everything goes as it should.

Why do we set up a business name for free?

UKKO Pro offers automatizes bookkeeping for private entrepreneurs.To use our awesome software, you need a business name first. If you don't have one yet, don't worry! We'll set it up for you. It's easier to start entrepreneurship together than alone!We will help you to set up your business and give you our expertise for managing your financial side of your company. We do not think that anyone is left alone to think about financial issues, have contact with our customer service if you have anything to ask!When you set up a business name, you get a free trial of our service. The free trial is 100% free, and it doesn't require your credit card details.

Do I then have to buy your accountant software?

No. We're your affordable accountant, who makes sure everything is made legally right but for less price.Of course, you can advantage of our honest and fair service, then, of course, you can just take a free business name.But please ask me again, even test our robot accounts? It has been developed for years and it saves your time. Take service for even 30 days to test, do you agree?

What does the business name mean?

There are a few different company forms:
  • the business name, ie a private trader,
  • a limited partnership,
  • open company
  • limited company.
Different types of business exist for different situations and needs: the business is aimed at an entrepreneur whose operations are small-scale and requires no special investment. The entrepreneur represents himself, that is, all agreements are made with an entrepreneur, not a business name. The name is also used by a private trader.Our software is particularly well suited for small business. By setting up a business name as an entrepreneur with minimal effort: you do not need separate constitution documents or capital. When you start as a business entrepreneur, you will in practice calculate your personal finances into the business of the business enterprise. The taxation is similar to the taxation of a private person.The operation of the company can be transferred to a limited liability company as the business grows or if the company wants more owners. Read more about different business forms here.

What to do when a business name has been set up?

You are ready to start your business. Start marketing your company, sell, get the first customers and laugh on the way to the bank. Make sure your company's accounting is done right from the beginning. The tax authority and other authorities must be informed of the company's finances on a regular basis. We recommend, for example, our UKKO Pro Accounting Service. Get the necessary insurance to ensure your operation is secure. If you have not clicked yet, here's your last chance: