Accounting – a bail or a tool for an entrepreneur? Accounting with UKKO Pro gives you easy access to accounting and invoicing at the same place!

We want to help entrepreneurs with their finances. We want it to be easy, effortless and avoid expensive office accounts. With UKKO Pro you can now automate your bookkeeping by using our billing service. Any invoices made and received by UKKO Pro are automatically transferred to your company’s bookkeeping, you will only be left with other supporting documents. Adding documents is easy and we keep all your accounting materials safe and sound at the same place.

UKKO Pro’s bookkeeping is easy to use. We’ll count your VATs automatically, and you’ll get the necessary notices for the Tax Authority. We can also send the VAT-announcement for you if needed. If you have any concerns about bookkeeping, you’ll get all the help from our customer service.

KLT-accountant licensed help included. 

  • No opening fees or commitments
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  • Free customer support
  • Clear costs, know your bookkeeping costs every month

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