Modern finance department for small businesses

Accounting, billing and many other financial management features in the same service. Automatically, digitally, easily and cheaply.

Spend less time on bookkeeping and more time doing the work you love.

Online bookkeeping

Automated software will help you forming monthly bookkeeping.

Smart invoicing

Send invoices to customers and receive invoices straight to UKKO Pro. Save your time and money!

Legal obligations

UKKO Pro will help to calculate VAT for you and to inform VAT to Finnish tax authority.

Move your financial worries to us!

Do you want to be an independent entrepreneur, but you are worried about how to deal with all the boring tasks alone? UKKO Pro is the solution for small business owners, who want to make entrepreneurship as easy and simple as possible!

UKKO Pro offers solutions for digital financial management with modern tools like invoicing, automated bookkeeping, and real-time financial management.

With our service, you know exactly what you pay for, even before you are invoiced. We have a clear pricing model with no hidden costs. And you get always free support.


All financial management tools in a single place

No software to install, all you need is internet connnection

We have a fixed monthly fee which is based on your cumulative turnover

Accounting advice

Automated bookkeeping

UKKO Pro makes bookkeeping and billing super easy, saving your time and money. You can send invoices, add receipts, and take care of your bookkeeping with any device you want. No more lost receipts, take a picture straight after purchase and add the receipt to UKKO Pro.

Any invoices made and received by UKKO Pro are automatically transferred to your company’s bookkeeping. You just need to add other receipts to our service. This is easy to do, just take a photo of the receipt straight after the purchase and add it to our service. Digital financial management has never been so easy!

We use modern technology such as AI, machine learning, and automation to make your accounting faster and safer than with a traditional accounting firm. Customer support is also available whenever you need it!

Add receipts to our service easily with your phone

Add receipts to our service easily with your tablet or laptop

No software to install, all you need is internet connection

See your business more clearly

With UKKO Pro, you have a real-time picture of your company's finances. Every day. Year around.

There will be no surprise cash flow problems that prevent you from starting that next project.

You will receive VAT- and Tax calculations from us. Our reports are simple enough for you and help you confidently make decisions to keep your business on the right track.

UKKO Pro is 100% web-based, so you just need an internet connection and browser. Easy right?



Why small business prefer UKKO Pro, because...


  • We will not leave you alone under any circumstances. You will always receive personalized service for free. 
  • Get all the tools for financial management in one place. 
  • You have access to all your financial data, from any device anywhere. 

Online bookkeeping

24/7 Online bookkeeping and highly skilled accountants ensure your books are always handled and always accurate.

Send invoices

Send invoices on the go and never misplace one again. You can send invoices as online invoices, by post or e-mail.


Snap photos of receipts

It's time to go digital. Forget paperwork and filing. Take a picture with your phone and add it to UKKO Pro.

Receive invoices

Receive invoices directly from online service.


UKKO Pro will help to calculate VAT for you and to inform VAT to Finnish tax authority.

Customer and product register

Save your customers and products in an easy-to-use register.

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